Toilet training

Here are a few tips to get you through  one of the most frustrating parts of owning a dog.

Puppies learn very quickly, this is a great thing but it also means buy the age you bring your puppy home if it’s has not already been toilet trained it will already learned bad habits, so typically the younger your dog is and the earlier you start training the earlier it is.

Tip 1

Puppies have very fast metabolism and will usually need to relieve themselves 5-30minutes after having drinking or eating, so straight away get into the habit of taking your dog to the place you wish it to go to do its business within this time after every meal or drink.

Tip 2

Dogs are creatures of habit and so are there bowels. Try to feed your puppy at the same time every day and you puppy start to go to the toilet at the same time every day.

Tip 3

At first you want to make sure that the place your wish your puppy to go potty  feel safe and familiar (especially buy smell). It is good idea to keep a banker or rag that your dog has urinated or you have cleaned up its mess with and place it in the place you would like your dog to go. The puppy also needs to feel calm and content and this will be reflected in your behavior.

Tip 4

Make sure you positively reinforce good behavior, this will fast tract the the desired result .

Tip 5

It’s is important to buy a cleaning products especially designed to clean up urine as they non-soluble uric acid crystals that other cleaner leave behind. Also some other cleaners have an ammonia  base which will smell to the dog like urine and attracted them back to the same spot.

Tip 6

It may be easier at fist to train your dog to use an indoor toilet and then move it outside


Tip 7

When visiting friends or when you are not a home to monitor you puppy you can use doggy nappies.