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Professional Dog Grooming Services

Over 15 Years experience

We are dog groomers, dog lovers and canine professionals providing premium dog grooming services and premium products to the public in Torquay VIC.

All our products are hand pick, rigorously tested and favourite products of ours used in our professional dog grooming salon, here on the Surf Coast.


Welcome to Dogs Envy.

  • We cater to all you grooming needs for Small to medium dogs, due to a shoulder injury i do not groom dogs over 13kg.
  • If this is your first time booking I would strongly recommend you read through frequently asked questions below.
  • We do not accept dogs that bite, if your dogs shows any signs of aggression you will be called immediately and asked to come pick your dog up.
  • This is a flea free salon. Dogs with an obvious flea problem need to be treated before coming to the salon, if this does not occur your dog will be turned away and cancellation fees will apply. We take our customers best friends health very seriously.
  • Once you have booked you will receive a confirmation email and text, please contact us if this has not happened as it is likely your booking has not processed.
  • Please arrive on time, if you are more than 15mins late to your appointment it will be cancelled and a 50% cancellation fee applies.
  • Please pick up your dog no later than 1/2 hour after you get a message that they are ready unless organized prior to your appointment.
  • Do not arrive before your dog is finished, once your dog senses you have come back it may get excited and become too difficult to finish.


Things included in a full clip  You will need to ask for the following
  • Nails
  • ear cleaned
  • ears plucked
  • bottom shaved
  • groin and belly shaved
  • ears tail tidied
  • pads of paws shaved
  • yu shampoo
  • pre-clip
  • finishing clip
  • scissoring

Q: I did not receive a confirmation message

A: Make sure you have accepted the cancellation policy on the last page and filled out all the questions. If it still is not working email or send a text to 0448549823.

Q: How do I cancel or change my booking

A: You will have received a confirmation email after booking, this email will have a link that allows you to change or cancel you appointment online.

Q:What does Dogs Envy classify as a small dog?

A: Small - No taller than 37 cm from the ground to the top of the back - No heavier than 8kg.

Q: What does Dogs Envy classify as a medium dog ?

A: Medium -No taller than 47cm from the ground to the top of the back - No more than 13kg.

Q:Do you do pick-ups and drop-offs?

A: Unfortunately we do not have the facilities to pick-up or drop-off dogs.

Q: How long will my dog be at the salon?

A: most dogs take between 1- 1 1/2 hours for a full clip however this does not allow for extra time that we may need to groom your dogs (i.e. for brushing out instead of shaving) or if we are running behind. If we are running more than 1/2 an hour behind time you will be notified by text before your appointment time.

Q: Is it extra for matted dogs or dogs with knotted coats?

A: If your dog is matted it will need to be shaved, this means your dog may need to be shaved all over, if this takes extra time you will be change $15 for every 10min needed for this. If your dog has more than a few knots that need brushing out and you would like the dog to not be shaved short, there will be an extra change of $15 for every extra 10 mins needed to brush your dog out. However if your dog will not tolerate the brushing, or the knots are too tight, your dog  may still need to be shaved short.

Q: Do you use restraints or drugs?

A: While grooming, your dog may be restrained by a loose collar to prevent it from jumping off the grooming table. Under no circumstances do we use any type of drugs.

Q: Do you clean teeth?

A: Yes we can remove the visible plaque from you dogs teeth as long as they are willing. This is will not remove the damage under the gum which is the main cause of pain and health issues.

Q: Can I drop my dog off early or pick it up late?

A: Please notify us before the day of your booking if you would like to drop your dog off early or pick it up late, as we cannot guarantee there will be someone at the salon outside your allocated appointment time.

Q: What shampoo do you use?

A: We use Yu  shampoo. Yu is very gentle, has 99% natural ingredients and smells great. If you dog requires  Malaseb or Aloveen for special skin conditions please notify us when you drop your dog off. You are also welcome to bring your own shampoo if you prefer.

Q: Why do I have to book online?

A:  I started making bookings online compulsory  as I was starting to get a lot of customers turning up on the wrong days. I could not guarantee it was not a mistake I had made so I ended up having to fit them in and groom the dogs causing myself an enormous amount of stress and affecting the other customers with unfair delays. With the confirmation messages and emails you now receive this has become a thing of the past. It also frees up more time for me to focus on just grooming the dogs and it removes the distraction of trying to answer the phone while grooming. Because booking online is compulsory it forces clients who would normally be intimidated by online booking to follow through with it and once they realize it is so easy the majority of people enjoy the convenience of being able to make a booking at any time of the day/night.

Q: How often should I get my dog clipped or bathed?

A: Every dogs hair and activity is different so this can vary a lot, however most dogs who need grooming  should have their dog groomed at least every 8-10 weeks. Because bathing strips the dogs of their natural oils it is not recommended to bath your dog any more than every 2 weeks.

Q: I think my dog has fleas can I book in?

A: This is a flea free salon. Dogs with fleas need to be treated before coming into the salon, if this does not occur your dog will be turned away and cancellation fees will apply. We take our customers best friends health very seriously and do not want to risk other dogs catching fleas.

Q: At what age should I start getting my dog groomed?

A: We would recommend you bring your dog in for its first bath and tidy as soon it has had all its first vaccinations. Clipping a dog under 3cm before it gets its adult coat may change how the dogs hair develops, however you can have the dogs hair clipped above this length at any age. We would recommend for dogs that hair knots easily to have their hair shortened before their adult coats comes in which is usually between 7-9 months as the change in the coat will cause it to matt, and once a dogs hair is matted it needs to be shaved off and shaving a dog at any age can alter the hair growth.

Q:Can I stay or watch while my dog is being groomed?

A: We do not allow you stay while the dog is being groomed. If the dog senses the owner is around, it will spend its experience stressed and trying to get to its owner. Once the owner leaves even the most anxious dogs tend to calm 5-10 mins afterwards. Clients are not  permitted into the grooming room due to safety and insurance reasons.

Q: How often should I brush my dog?

A: It is recommended to brush and comb your dog at least once or twice a week. Not only does this remove tangles and prevent matting it also helps maintain healthy hair follicles and skin.

Q: My dogs get nervous when being dropped off, why is this?

A: There are a number of reasons your dog can act nervous when being dropped off. The most common reason is usually feeding off their owners energy, if you act excited, happy and energetic when dropping your dog off, the dog will believe it is going somewhere it will enjoy, however if you are quite worried, rushed, protect or cuddle your dog when being dropped off, it will usually show signs of stress and anxiety. Another reason may be just like home or like a child, some dogs really do not like being bathed and will play up to try and get out of it. If it runs away when you mention bath time at home it is most likely going to try the same thing coming into the salon. Some dogs are just very nervous and anxious about being dropped off somewhere, new experiences or anything out of routine, etc.

Q: Why are the nails still sharp or sharper after grooming?

A: When the nails are clipped  it creates a very sharp end, we do our best to file the nails however some dogs cannot tolerate the feeling of the file or have long hair that can get caught in the nail file so we are unable to file the dogs nails. we suggest in these cases to take the dog for a walk after grooming to file the sharp ends down using the pavement.


Thank you for choosing Dogs Envy

Please take a moment to read the terms and conditions that help us run a stress free salon.


  1. We appreciate as much notice as possible if you need to change or cancel your appointment. Changes can made through your confirmation email or you can message us on 0448549823 or Facebook. Failure to turn up without 24hours notification will incur a 50% cancellation fee
  2. Please ensure that your pet has been to the toilet before arriving at the salon.
  3. Please stick to the appointment time specified upon booking. Dogs Envy operates on a one-to-one basis which is a premium grooming service, that ensures that your pet is given 100% of his or her groomer's attention throughout the appointment period. This system can only work if clients bring their dogs at the specified times.
  4. Matted Coats or very knotted. We have a non de-matting policy. Attempting to brush out too many knots or matting is unpleasant and stressful to your pet. By agreeing to the terms and conditions you agree to give Dogs Envy permission to shave off any heavily knotted or matted hair.
  5. Flea Policy – we are a free flea salon. please do not bring any pet to our salon you believe may have fleas. It is unfair to other clients and costly to treat the salon. By agreeing to the terms and conditions you agree to pay a $40 fee to cover the cost of treating your pet and the salon if your pet should have fleas. If your pet returns again with fleas for a second time your pet will not be allowed back.
  6.  Pregnant dogs. Whilst every care is taken with every dog, bitches that are pregnant are accepted for grooming at the owner's risk.
  7. Aggressive Pets. We do not groom animals that bite and reserve the right to halt the grooming process should your pet become aggressive at any point. Full or part of the grooming charge may apply.
  8. If you happen to be a few minutes early to collect, your dog may still be on the grooming table being attended to, please remain out of sight and sound whilst you wait. Once your dog sees you and naturally starts to get excited, your groomer may have to consider the groom finished, for safety reasons.
  9. We may use some photos in advertising our service and/or post to our social media sites. Most clients enjoy seeing their pet featured. Please let us know beforehand if you do not wish your pet's photos to be made public.
  10. Pet Records. Please provide a thorough account of any health issues, allergies or behavioural challenges pertaining to your pet. These notes are very valuable to us to give us a clear picture of the background before we begin to groom.
  11. If after the groom is complete there is anything about the groom that you would like altered, please advise your groomer accordingly before you leave the salon.
  12. We do everything to ensure your pet has a safe and pleasant experience however animals can be unpredictable and are prone to sudden movement and/or jolting. Because of this, in the very rare occurrence that an accident may happen, Dogs Envy will not be held liable for any injuries or mishaps with haircuts.
  13. If you have any concerns or are not satisfied with your pet groom, to rectify this we will need to be contacted within 24 hours of your appointment.

What We Do

Full Clip Dog Groom

Full clip no larger than 13kg or 40cm high (max size between a small and medium dog)

Certified Groomer

Fully certified groomer with advanced training certificates added over 15 years

Quality & Detail

Our clients are ongoing and have their best friends groomed on a regular schedule

Torquay Salon

We have purpose built our dog grooming salon to quality commercial standards

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Our clients

Based on 36 reviews
Miah Adams
Miah Adams
8 October 2021
Anita did a great job on my old boy who is usually quite nervous going to the groomer. She did an excellent job and he looks amazing!! Definitely would recommend
Steve Colledge
Steve Colledge
2 August 2021
Amazing job on both our Cavs.
Jessica Falaguerra
Jessica Falaguerra
26 March 2021
Dogs Envy did a lovely job with Duggee. Well priced, clean shopfront, lovely service. Will definitely be back. Thanks 😊
Kim Wright
Kim Wright
14 January 2021
Anita’s love of dogs is very apparent. She does a wonderful job of her grooming & I highly recommend her.
Christie Harris
Christie Harris
5 May 2019
Anita does a great “Teddy Bear” cut on my Cavoodle. Anita is kind and gentle with the dogs, my dog actually runs down to her shed to have his hair cut.
Colleen O'Hara
Colleen O'Hara
10 September 2018
I have been going to Anita for quite a few years and she is the BEST EVER!!!!!!! Snuffy looks absolutely beautiful when he has his bath and groom!! Thankyou Anita you are the best !!!!!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxx COLLEEN Snuffs Mum
Joanne Robins
Joanne Robins
12 March 2018
Great service and wonderful with my Princess who doesn't like being away from me but Anita has won her over
Taylor Snell
Taylor Snell
7 November 2017
Colleen May Khoury
Colleen May Khoury
23 October 2017
Anita always does a fabulous job!! very professional! provides great advice for the care of my babies!! been going to Anita for years!! Love her work!
Tegan Bennett
Tegan Bennett
5 June 2017
Anita does a wonderful job! The best clip my dogs have ever had! Thank you 🙂